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WordPress Security Clampdown is a WordPress security video series. With over 30,000 websites getting hacked every day, and 1 in 6 sites on the Internet being WordPress, security is a big market.

Here’s how the videos WordPress Security Clampdown break down…

Intro Video Explains the background behind the video series. Watch This Video Now

WordPress Security Clampdown Video One : Explains WordPress’ vulnerabilities. Shows you how to identify them, and points out what hackers look for.

WordPress Security Clampdown Video Two : Demonstrates how to reclaim your site from hackers. Watch over my shoulder as I get my site back on line. Think you “own” my site Mr Hacker? Not anymore!

WordPress Security Clampdown Video Three (Parts 1-3) : Shows how to keep the hackers out or stop them from coming back. Follow me as I show you step-by-step how to make your site virtually hacker-proof.

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