Best Settings for Wordfence – WordPress Security Plugin

Step by step guide for the best settings of Wordfence. This is the best security plugin for WordPress. Use of this plugin will block all forms of cyber attack with the exception of a direct attack by a sophisticated group of hackers. The best defense from 99% of WordPress attacks is covered in this tutorial. I’ve been using Wordfence on over 30 sites with no intrusions for the past two years.

UPDATE: Thanks goes to +ewgny for pointing out it is good to throttle or even block requests from both bots and humans.
Immediately block fake Google crawlers: YES
How should we treat Google’s crawlers Unlimited Access
If anyone’s requests exceed: 15 then throttle it
If a crawler’s page views exceed: Unlimited
If a crawler’s pages not found (404s) exceed: Unlimited
If a human’s page views exceed: Unlimited
If a human’s pages not found (404s) exceed: 5 per minute then Throttle it then block it
If 404’s for known vulnerable URL’s exceed: 1 per minute then BLOCK IT
How long is an IP address blocked when it breaks a rule: 1 Month

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