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Basic WordPress security is something most new users of WordPress don’t even think about. I’m here to tell you that it’s important. With millions of people running their websites with WordPress, it’s a highly targeted platform.

Basic WordPress security includes things like changing your username from “admin” to something more complex, and also changing your password to make it more complex. It includes changing your typical login url (/wp-admin) to something else. Additional security measures include limiting login attempts (to discourage brute force password attacks), installing comment captcha plugins and installing and activating Akismet (a powerful anti-spam solution that’s included in all installations of WordPress), backing up your WordPress website and keeping your website and plugins up-to-date at all times. These simple solutions will keep many of the evil hackers and bots at bay.

If you haven’t given any consideration to WordPress security, it’s time you do so. These tips I’m going to give you in this video are quick and painless to implement. They’re easy even for WordPress beginners. And doing them will greatly increase the security of your WordPress website. An additional benefit to implementing these security tips is the reduction of CPU usage which is especially important if you’re using shared hosting.

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