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Wp security 2017, wordpress security plugins 2017, WP Blazer is the most powerful WordPress plugin that maintain everything what you need. It also helps to automate, secure, manage and backup your websites. You have to remember that WP Blazer is fully a cloud based software. It saves your time to use different dashboard by different users. Specially you can do same things to all of your sites in one simple click.
Run Instant Secure CLOUD Backups, This is recommended by the creators of WordPress, before you install new plugins or themes incase of conflict or bugs, or worse…
Hardly anyone does it… because until now it’s been so much work!
Now you can with a single click across as many sites as you want.
The Ultimate Blogger’s Security “Blankey”
There are some things as an entreprenuer that you just need to ‘suck up’ and do no matter how much you hate it.
Unfortunately, these tedious, time sucking tasks are the exact thing that is holding you back from focusing on the big business, money making tasks.
With WPBlazer – those are GONE
NO NEED to waste hours logging in manually to each WP site to add, manage, edit or update things
NO NEED to pay someone to do it for you
NO NEED to pay monthly fees to an expensive solution that’s hard to use and doesn’t even backup your site
You can put those things behind you and free up your creative energy and time – and relax, knowing that your blog is safe, protected, updated, backed up and more efficient than ever!

How painful is it… when ONE small mistake you’ve made can make your entire site crash or stop functioning – and no way to restore it?

Or wasting most of your day doing maintenance … and not being able to actually focus on what’s important!

If that happened to you – you’re not alone.

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In fact, the day-to-day operations of a single site take so long if done manually, you would need to waste hours managing it instead of focusing on the things that matter – making it grow, bring more traffic and generate more sales.

Imagine – new lightweight piece of technology that instantly took care of all the technical aspects of your sites – and managed them on autopilot – regardless if you have 1 site or 100.


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