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Go to http://www.wordpresstutorialsforbeginners.org/secure-wordpress/ for your free videos on WordPress Security. They will teach you how to Securing WordPress with WordPress Security Plugins, Some Tweaks and Common Sense. Secure WordPress Install is possible in 5 minutes,

Has Your WordPress site been hacked…. yet? If you do not take the appropriate measures, it will… sooner or later, probably sooner….

Top ten WordPress security myths:
1. WordPress is not secure.(It is, that is, if you do what we show you in the videos)
2. Nobody wants to hack my blog. (Think Again)
3. My WordPress site is 100% secure.(Yeah right! Or did you watch our videos?)
4. I only use themes and plugins from wordpress.org so they are secure. (Sureeeee… Especially if you use that plugin programmed by that 11-year old)
5. Updating WordPress whenever I log in is cool. (Yeah super-cool, So is a hacked blog)
6. Once my WordPress site is setup my job is finished. (of course, then the hackers start theirs)
7. I’ll just install xyz plugin and that’ll take care of security for me. (What’s the name of that plugin? Superman? )
8. If I disable a plugin or theme, there is no risk. (Of course not, it disappears without a trace, right?)
9. If my site is compromised I will quickly find out. (As soon as Google shows a Compromised Site warning, my traffic dries up and my users complain of virus infections from my site)
10. My password is good enough. (it will take a hacker at least 3 days to figure it out)

WordPress Security – Securing WordPress with WordPress Security Plugins. Add Some Tweaks and Common Sense and you’re pretty much set. Secure WordPress Install is possible in 5 minutes with our complete 12 High Quality Video Series,

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Also have a look at our WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – 200+ WordPress Tutorial Videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd26hPqoFr8

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