Automated updates of your WordPress and Plugins.

Automated updates of your WordPress and Plugins.

This is Rick with, helping you to improve your Internet Presence.

Hi, this is Rick with RKF Search Results, helping your with your Internet Presence.

If you have WordPress for your business Website, hopefully you don’t have it with It’s not really the best place to hsot for a professional business. There’s a number of reasons for that, which I’ll get into on a separate video. However what I am promoting here is doing self-maintained hosting. WordPress has to be updated on a regular basis. You get notified via the admin area when your WordPress website needs to be updated. Also your plugins, you’re most likely using a few plugins on your WordPress website and they also have to be updated. You may be wondering, well as long as it’s working, what do I need to updated it for? The reason is, the previous plugin versions may have some security holes in them. It’s not really a good idea to run plugins that need to be updated. You really need to updated them as soon as you can.

I’ve come across some hosting companies, that provide “Managed WordPress hosting”, which essencially is what this is, the idea is keeping everything updated. Keeping WordPress updated, keeping the plugins updated and that’s the essence of it. If they need updated. They don’t really expire per say as they continue working, it’s best to keep them updated to keep your website as secure as possible.

You’ll notice below, at the bottom I have a special on getting security as a bonus, a $120 value. When I install WordPress websites, in the process of installing WordPress, I set up the database it automatically has anti-malware injection protection. Because of the way I set it up to name it’s tables. Normally, WprdPress tables are named WP for WordPress, followed by underscore and something after that ex. wp_something-else. What I do is I change the “wp” to something relating to the domain, the idea being that any spiders, hackers send out spiderzs looking for things like wp, that they can more easily hack into and the wp talble name will be an easier one to hack into. so by nameing it something else, the spider will go right past it and not even know it’s wordpress. Thats one of the things I do, there are a few other things I do as well, once the WordPress is installed, i go ahead and install one of the best security plugins in the industry, for peotecting it among many other things. I do locking up of folders, locking up a lot of different areas. Putting these locks in prevents it from others easily hack into it the way they normally would. Another thing I do is take away any indication of what versionyou WordPress is. Becasue these spiders will look for versions, because certain methos thy use to hack in, they may target certain versions beause they know what to look for in that version that will probably not be protected. So I remove any information on that because in installation of WordPress, it includes a page that shows that. So I eliminate that adn go through a few hours in the setup, configuration etc. to protect yor site from getting hacked.

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Now this won’t guarantee that your site won’t get hacked, because there’s always a way if they really want to get in, thoughchances are, it will be safe.

In addition I install an backup system, so that every time changes are made, I do a backup of that and keeping the latest of backups with every website, so that assuming it DOES get hacked into, which can happen, just much less likely. So if necessary, I can start all over and restore the backup.

Now most hosting companies will do a nightly backup which they hold for the last 30 days. The problem is it takes them a while, between 24 hours and up to several days to restore them. I usually can do it, usually within an hour. You relly don’t want your site down as long as most hosting companies will take.



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