How to Use WordPress Themes Tutorial

How to Use WordPress Themes Tutorial

In this video, you’ll learn everything you must know about WordPress themes.

How to Access Your Site’s WordPress Theme Section?

You must login to your dashboard section. For this, go to the top section from your browser where you can see the URL for your website. In front of your URL, write /WP-Admin and press enter. Afterward, you need to add your username and password.

When you are inside your dashboard search for appearance and under it you’ll see the themes section.

How to Install a WordPress Theme?

After you’re in the theme section of your website, you must press, “Add new.” You’ll immediately see the feature, popular, latest themes section. Over here, you can choose a theme depending on your likes. Or, you can also go to and select it there.

Below the thumbnails’ theme, you’ll see a small install and preview button. You want to make a preview before you decide to install it. This way you’ll have a glimpse of how the theme will look on your website. Afterward, just press the install theme button and in the next page, activate and there you go, it’s simple!

How to Make a Back-Up From Your Site?

As I said in the video, always make sure to make a backup from your website before you decide to install a new theme. The fact is a few themes may come with bugs, which may ruin your website. For more details I recommend you to watch the following video:

If you have any question please leave in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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