Create a WordPress Website for Beginners

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Oh, hello there, fellow beginner! Are you looking to create a WordPress website today? If so, we’ve got just the tutorial for you. Because I”m gonna show you how to make a complete website with WordPress, from scratch!

View Demo Site and Written Guide

Website Tour 3:15
Website Checklist 8:31
Get Domain Name & Hosting 12:33
Get 50% Discount Enter DEARBLOGGER2015 17:43
Get Your Account Info 21:20
Install WordPress 22:13

Login to WordPress 26:29
Change Password 28:26
Welcome to The WordPress Dashboard 30:00
Reset Permalinks 31:13
Delete Plugins 32:23
Install Vantage Theme 33:09
Install Plugins 36:08

Download Images and Creators Guide 39:13
How To Use These Downloads 39:47

Create Pages 40:58
Setup the Front Page Control 44:47
Get Rid of Demo Slider 46:08
Create a Menu 46:48

Create Front Page

Learn Drag & Drop Page Builder 48:43
Hero Image 51:19
Using Layout Builder 52:16
Text on Top 53:23
Home Page Spacing 55:18
View Page 56:26
Insert Buttons 56:41
Make Text Larger 1:01:50
Create Logo 1:02:22
Put Logo in Header 1:08:32
Create Skinny Header 1:09:47
Video Popout Button 1:10:35

Create About Page

Using Creator’s Guide 1:17:23
Setup Page Structure 1:19:28
SnapChat style section 1:20:33
Insert/Edit Headline 1:21:28
Background Image 1:22:36
Full Width Stretched Row 1:23:41
Featured Text 1:24:03
Featured Images 1:25:13
Featured Headline 1:27:43
Getting the Padding Right 1:30:32
Custom CSS Magic 1:32:13

Build Credits Page

Add a New Credit 1:37:34
Create Image Slider 1:38:59

Make Contact Page

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Setup Page Structure 1:41:59
Google Map 1:42:56
Featured Headline 1:46:09
Featured Icons 1:48:52
Google Form 1:57:03

Create Footer

Social Icons 2:04:50
Change Copyright 2:09:08
Remove Copyright 2:10:11

Congratulations! 2:11:17

Remember, you can do it! This is a longer video as it’s a beginner WordPress tutorial but covers literally everything a beginner should know about hosting, domains and websites. You’ll walk away with a complete website (or blog if you want) that is better than 99% of websites out there. I’m always here to help 🙂

p.s. This video is a Version 1.1 of my video here I make updated versions so they are a little bit smoother and to reach more of you guys!


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