How to Create a Website Using WordPress for Beginners

This tutorial covers:
How to Set Up Domain and Hosting for WordPress (1:11)
How to Install WordPress (6:47)
How to Create a Website Using WordPress (6:47)
Understanding Posts Option (13:38)
Understanding How to Make WordPress Not Act Like a Blog (13:38)
How to Create Pages (14:15)
How to Change Front Page to Static Page (16:17)
How to Add/Remove/Edit Sidebar (18:34)
How to Add/Remove Widgets (18:34)
How to Add Sidebar Navigation Menu (18:34)
Understanding Parent/Child Pages (21:03)
How to Create Custom Menu (24:28)
Understanding Plugins (25:58)
How to Add/Remove Plugins (25:58)
How to Remove Comments (29:00)
Understanding WordPress Being Theme Based (30:43)
How to Change Theme (30:43)
How to Change Slogan/Tagline (33:49)
How to Add/Remove/Change Header (34:38)


wordpress training


wordpress training


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