Evan Volgas: WAG the Blog – Using WordPress, Ansible, and Git to Build Your Website

This talk will show you how to set up a WordPress blog using Ansible, an open-source tool that is often used to deploy code and configure servers. We will deploy WordPress (as well some additional software, like Git) to a fresh new server. We will also look at how to version control your codebase with Git and discuss various ways you can bring Git into your workflow. Last, we’ll talk a little bit about Vagrant and how you can test your changes locally before committing them to your master codebase and deploying them on your live site.

The talk will assume basic competency with SSH (you should know how to SSH into a server, install new packages, update your package lists, etc) and a passing familiarity with Git (you should know what it is).

If you are an experienced developer who’s already using Git and Ansible/Chef/Puppet for provisioning, this talk will be too basic for you. If you are a new developer who’s dabbled a bit with version control and/or provisioning software, you’ll walk out of this talk with everything you need to securely deploy WordPress and Git via Ansible. If you’re not a developer, this talk may be a little bit further into the weeds than you’d enjoy going… although if you want to learn more about doing professional software development, there will be plenty of code samples available online and plenty of references to help you get started. If you’re not a developer and you want to come to this talk, try and read over a tutorial on basic SSH and Git and you should be able to follow along too.

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Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/evankkc/wag-the-blog


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