How To Make an AMAZON AFFILIATE website with WordPress and Woocommerce

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How much is it going to cost?: 03:15
Setting up your hosting: 05:24
Repoint your domain, if you already have one: 11:22
Install WordPress: 13:09
Changing your username: 16:54
Cleaning up your WordPress plugins: 17:38
Installing WooCommerce: 18:38
Installing WooZone: 20:08
Installing the Kingdom WordPress theme: 23:36
Making a logo: 27:24
Adding the logo: 28:29
Changing the colour scheme: 29:43
Putting the homepage together: 31:02
Setting up your Amazon Associate account: 37:34
Adding Products: 42:02
Styling the navigation: 50:26
Tidying up products: 52:23
Adjusting the currency settings: 54:12
Adding products to the homepage: 56:11
Sidebars and Widgets: 01:04:13
Customising the header (social media etc): 01:06:56
Configuring the footer widgets: 01:09:26
Adding pages and menus: 01:11:54
Contact us page: 01:17:38
Woozone Settings: 01:20:11
Blogging and blog posts: 01:23:49
Introduction to SEO: 01:32:24
Adding text to pages: 01:35:27
Adding Logos to the footer area: 01:36:37

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