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Today I came again today to create a WordPress blog site named “Phase 02” in my name.
Many people did not understand the last episode only discussing the hosting site. Let me explain today how to sign up. In today’s tutorial, detailed discussions have been made. The tutorial will last for a few days. That is, I will show you what to do to create a complete blog site.
And yes, do not use it for any professional work. It’s just made for learning. And never talk about creating a professional blog with free hosts. Why not even know when they will strike the blog for their interests. If you want to do professional work then buy a host from the nominated hosting sites and then start your professional blog. Now you might have a question in mind if I watch this video?
Yes many things you have to do. Just like you can not take the tree in the eclipse before you have to learn it?
And I hope this little motivation for learning only will be useful.
What’s going on today’s video:
#How to sign up?
#How to Verify Email?
#How to log in
Hope you enjoy it.
At the end, a little request will be done that you can see my tutorials if you want to blogging carefully.
I will be with you tomorrow.
Look at the error of fault errors.
Lord Hafiz is leaving today
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