Make a WordPress Website: Introduction – Choosing a Platform and Hosting – Learn how to make a website with WordPress or Weebly.

This is the introduction video to a series of lessons that will teach you how to make a website for your organization using WordPress or Weebly. This video series is not just for nonprofits! It will help you learn how to make a website for ANY purpose.

In this video I talk about choosing a website platform (WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr, etc) and finding a web host.

I use both HostGator and Weebly for my own sites.  I recommend them based on my experience with their services. But there are many others to choose from with similar capabilities that you may use if you choose.

Here are shortcuts to the affiliate links mentioned in this video:
Host Gator:

Here are links to the whole series of lessons:
Introduction: Choosing a Platform and Hosting
Lesson One: Get Hosting, Domain and Install WordPress
Lesson Two: Configure your WordPress Settings
Lesson Three, Intro: Widgets, Plugins and Shortcode
Lesson Three, Part One: Installing Widgets
Lesson Three, Part Two: Plugins, Shortcode and Set up a Donation Page
Lesson Three, Lesson Notes: What the Plugins Do
Lesson Four: Pages and Posts

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