How To Make Money Online and Optimize Your WordPress Site!!! – WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system on the internet which is known to platform over 60 million websites throughout the world. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a Web hosting service.

How To Make Money Online and Optimize Your WordPress Site!!!

WordPress users have the options to install and switch between themes and there are thousands of WordPress themes available, free and paid themes .

Another popular feature of WordPress is the plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend WordPress abilities beyond the core installation. WordPress has a database of over 24,000 plugins, offering custom functions and features to suit their WordPress site to their specific needs.

Widget is another WordPress features that offers drag-and-drop sidebar content placement through the implementation of plugins extended abilities. Some of these Widgets offer customization options such as web forms to fill out, includes or excludes of data and information such as Categories, Archives and Recent Posts, optional images though slideshows and/or carousels, amongst other customization features.

Despite the popularity of WordPress, most website owners do not fully utilize the functionality of the WordPress which is very flexible, quick to install, and easy to change the look of the website.

With WordPress, you can create almost any type of website which is essential for your business and profit.

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However, for many Internet Marketers, particularly the new marketers, “WordPress” can be confusing and overwhelming with over 2,700 different plugins available, thousands of themes and it can very quickly become a bit confusing.

Here is the good news for WordPress users.This video crash course WordPress Unleashed Video will show you how to unleash the secrets of WordPress and guide you step by step on how to optimize your WordPress site and make your site look professional and also profitable if you are looking for ways to generate income from your website.

How To Make Money Online and Optimize Your WordPress Site!!!


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