How to Make a WordPress Website For Free – 2015 (Renden WordPress Theme)

Learn how to make a WordPress website for free in 2015 step by step in only 45 minutes. We’ll show you everything you need to know to build a complete WordPress website fast using the free Renden WordPress theme.

How to install WordPress tutorial:

Download Renden Theme:

In this video we’ll show you step by step how to create a beautiful WordPress website using the Renden WordPress theme. Renden is free to download and comes with loads of options so you can customize your site without coding. It’s super easy to use and makes it super fast to build a complete website.

Here’s the steps we’ll cover in this video:

00:00 – Step 1: Introduction

00:45 – Step 2: Site Overview

02:00 – Step 3: Login to backend

04:00 – Step 4: Checklist overview

05:30 – Step 5: Installing Renden WordPress theme

06:45 – Step 6: Create home and blog pages

08:15 – Step 7: Housekeeping

09:15 – Step 8: Set homepage and blog pages

10:30 – Step 9: Theme Options

11:00 – Step 10: Add Logo & Favicon

14:15 – Step 11: Add Slider

17:55 – Step 12: Add Featured Sections

21:30 – Step 13: Add Search

22:30 – Step 14: Add Social Media Links

25:15 – Step 15: Add Footer Widgets

31:20 – Step 16: Create Custom Menu

33:30 – Step 17: Add Blog Posts

35:45 – Step 18: Customize Slider Text

38:40 – Step 19: Create Contact Page

44:30 – Step 20: Finish Up

For this tutorial you’ll want the following at hand. This will eb the content that we’ll be using to create your website:

1. Logo (approx 300 x 50 pixels)
2. Favicon (16 x 16 pixels – .png format)
3. 4 x Featured Images (213 x 75 pixels)
4. Slideshow Images (the bigger the better – high quality is good too!)

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Please ensure you’ve registered with a webhost and already installed WordPress. In this video we’ll actually show you how to build your site rather than spend time registering with a host and installing WordPress. For instructions on how to register with a host and install WordPress please watch

This tutorial is great for anyone that are new to WordPress, and even those who have been using it for a while. We’ll help you create a modern website that’ll get your visitors attention. We’ll even add some featured content areas and link up all your social media profiles. There’s even a slideshow that we’ll add in seconds to the top of your site.

We really hope you find this video tutorial useful and wish you the best of luck in building your next WordPress website.

If you have any questions please do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to help answer your questions!

If you find this video useful please do feel free to share and hit that like button. We appreciate you guys popping by. 🙂

Thanks for watching, and stayed tuned for more from us here at YayPress!


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