How to install WordPress on windows 8.1

This Video shows how to install WordPress on your local computer system.
Steps Followed
1. Download and Install Wampserver from this link :
2. Now click on Wamperserver Icon then click on PhpMyAdmin.
3. Create a Database in PhpMyAdmin
4. Download WordPress setup from this link:
5. Copy all the Files from the WordPress Folder
6. Now Navigate to C Drive then Wamp then www
7. Now Paste all the copied files to www.
8. Restart all Services for WampServer, Let the Icon turns to green
9. Click on WampServer icon and click on Localhost.
10. Now Enter
Database Name: Your Created in PhpMyAdmin
Sql User Name: Name it as “root”
Leave the Password: “” Leave this Field Empty
Database host: localhost
Table Prefix : Wp_
11. Now enter the site name , User Name, Password, Email id.
12. Now Login to the WordPress with the created UserName and Password.
That’s It Have fun in running WordPress.

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