How to install WordPress Offline in 1 minute – OMV

In this easy video, I am going to share a most simple way of how to install WordPress offline in XAMPP in one minute because in the busy life nobody got time to watch 10-minute videos. So, here we go –

1. Go to the and download XAMPP (Choose according to your Operating System)
2. Install The software in your favorite directory
3. After Installation, the Cpanel will open automatically
4. Run the Apache and MySQL (approve the access to Internet)
5. After running the services, go to the Browser and run “http://localhost” (If you see “Welcome to XAMPP” message, we are successful)
6. Click on Admin in Cpanel and it will open phpMyAdmin in the browser.
7. Create Your Database (For Example:WP)
8. Download the WordPress from
9. Unzip it in /XAMPP/htdocs
10. Name the extracted WordPress folder same as your database name.
11. Open the folder and look for wp-config-sample.php file and rename it wp-config.php.
12. After renaming, add your database name in the place of Database_name_here and on Username_here just add root and in Password_here leave it blank.
11. Now open http://localhost/wp/ and follow the instruction given in there.
12. VOILA!!!!!!

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