How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step Professional WordPress Installation

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This step by step WordPress installation tutorial is for users who want to install WordPress (the most popular blogging software) onto their own web host.

The famous 5 minute WordPress installation is not recommended for security reasons. It uses default settings which is a nice open arms invitation to hackers.

For instance, the default username used in the 5 minute WordPress installation is ‘admin’ and the default table prefix used is wp_

The only disadvantage with installing WordPress manually is that it takes slightly longer. Anything which is fast is not good. Think microwave dinners.

To install WordPress manually, you would need to download WordPress at

And finally, you would need a FTP client to transfer files from your computer to your web host.

I would recommend FileZilla to upload your WordPress installation files which you can download for free here:

If you prefer to get the “How To Install WordPress Manually” in text format with images instead of video, then check out the blog post at:

How To Install WordPress – Complete How To Guide

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