How to install wordpress 4.6 (update) local computer on windows 7 and any other.

Hi there this is new tutorial 2016 is very easy, fast and cheap becouse is absolutly free for everyone how to install new wordpress 4.6 and created new blog on your local machine without linux system. Fixed winginx parametres see how to confiugre and fixed the configurations files

In this free tutorial 2016 you will learn how to install a quick way to own their PC without any coding and it is on Windows. Additionally, using one of the fastest servers for nginx web engine they use worldwide companies such as google, amazon, facebook. Easy setup with a minimum of knowledge. In addition, a full service through a simple panel management can create your pages in just a few seconds without any changes to your system. This is a quick way creating web server for web sites for people who do not have knowledge of Linux, and very quickly want to install a simple, cheap and fast, and web server. But it is not everything because by installing winginx you have access to
MySQL, MongoDB, Redis,
ZendGuard Loader
Adminer RockMongo
and PHP5 Config, HostsEditor.

In a very easy way to configure parameters PHP server, hosts file, and add additional modules.
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